On Reading Twilight and Harry Potter

The Wizarding World of Harry Potter moved me to rush home and re-read the whole series from the beginning.  I also figured that since Eclipse was releasing to theaters soon after my return, I would trudge through the final three installments of Twilight and have a wonderful time writing a series of blog posts analyzing… Continue reading On Reading Twilight and Harry Potter

The Worst Books in Existence

A while back, I had a post chronicling the three best books I’ve ever read.  So now, inspired by a fantastic post at World’s Strongest Librarian, I bring you the exact opposite of my earlier post: A collection of books that, for one reason or another, I completely despise. These are made up of books… Continue reading The Worst Books in Existence

Twilight: An Outsider’s Perspective

The final installment of Anti-Twilight Week is brought to you by my wife, Jennifer.  She may have never read the first word of Stephenie Meyer’s “saga”—lucky her—but she certainly has some valid opinions on why the series is not all it’s cracked up to be. Enjoy! When Beej asked me to write a post for… Continue reading Twilight: An Outsider’s Perspective

Stephenie Meyer’s Writing is an Insult to Fanfic

Let me say this first: I don’t particularly like fan fiction. I appreciate that it can be a terrific way for up-and-coming authors to develop their storytelling chops without dealing with the in-depth processes of characterization or worldbuilding; however, the writing is often lazy and uninspired, relying on tropes, clichés, and an nascent use of… Continue reading Stephenie Meyer’s Writing is an Insult to Fanfic

Anti-Edward Cullen: A Treatise

This post is brought to you by VampyChronicles, two 20-something, self-professed anti-fans of Twilight. They’re currently reading through Stephenie Meyer’s series, snarkily blogging as they go about chapters, bad merchandise, the movies, and whatever else comes to mind as being ridiculous and/or irksome. Originally, we were going to write about the top five things we… Continue reading Anti-Edward Cullen: A Treatise