Firefly Online?

I was just poking through Massively when I ran across quite the doozy of a news snippet. Apparently, a group of indie developers, the Multiverse Foundation, are beginning work on what they hope will become a Firefly MMORPG.  I know what you’re thinking–OH-EM-GEE!–because I am, too.  But we have to be careful not to get out… Continue reading Firefly Online?

The Slayage Conference on the Whedonverses 4

This summer, my wife and I are presenting papers at Slayage in St. Augustine, Florida.  For those of you unaware, Slayage is a biennial national academic conference dealing with any and all of the Whedonverses. Jennifer presented there in 2008, while this is my first go-round. To say that I’m excited would be fairly understated. … Continue reading The Slayage Conference on the Whedonverses 4

What is it about Firefly?

Two nights ago, my fiancée and I were struggling to find something to watch. Nothing really fit our moods, and we’re big TV people. She suggested Battlestar Galactica, but it was too heavy and serious. X-Files was the same way. Veronica Mars was off the docket because we aren’t ready to delve into another series… Continue reading What is it about Firefly?