Misc MMO Thoughts

Lately, my thoughts on gaming (and MMOs in general) have been numerous and scattered.  So here they are in a bulleted list!

  • It took BioWare until this week to fix my bugged class quest. After grinding the last 10 levels out sans the Inquisitor story, I don’t feel compelled to go back. Thanks for fixing it, but it’s too little and too late. BioWare customer service = terribad.
  • SWTOR is a fantastic game. Unfortunately, the fantastic game is marred by so many small–yet egregious–problems that I don’t know if I’ll ever resub.
  • Which sucks because I got suckered into buying the $150 collector’s edition. WTS Level 50 Sith Inquisitor and shiny box. PST.
  • EQ2 looks neat now that it’s free.  I would like to start playing because I hear so many wonderful things about the game, but I don’t think I’d have any friends there. Anyone play and need a healy-type?
  • Same goes for LOTRO. It looks fantastic, but it appears to be such a timesink for everything that you can do in there. I bet it’d be fun, but I’m not sure I have the stamina for it.
  • And now Star Trek Online is free, too. Honestly, why are so many cool games free now? And why do I have so little time to play them? I want to play them all, and I’m too competitive to be casual! Argh!
  • WoW is looking awesome again. Le sigh.
  • The reason WoW is looking awesome again is because of accessible raiding and content, which all the other options I have are not.
  • DDO is awesome. I need to play more. If I had a solid group to play with, I would be sorely addicted. Even playing solo, my Artificer is a beast.
  • Skyrim is forever awesome. So much to do. So many stories still to see.
  • I really need a good wireless PC gamepad, and not the Xbox 360 controller. Any suggestions?
  • I really love watching my wife play DCUO. What sucks is that the PC and PS3 versions aren’t compatible because I’d love to be able to play with her.
  • Uncharted and Arkham City are calling my name. They’re both awesome and don’t get nearly enough of my attention. I think they’re going to cheat on me soon.
  • Playing tabletop D&D with my buddies is some of the most fun I’ve had in years. Why can’t MMO raiding be as cool as D&D encounters?
  • Have you guys played Limbo? It’s awesome. It’s on Steam and the Playstation Network. Not sure about Xbox Live, but if you’ve not played it, go try the demo. It’s so much fun.
  • Who would have thought the online game that took the most of my time in the past few weeks was on the iPhone? Hero Academy is simply fantastic. A turn-based strategy game that you can play over the course of a day/week? Yes, please. My username is “professorbeej” if you want to play. I’m always up for a game! I just hope that they release an Android version of it eventually because I have so many friends I want to play with and can’t.

By B.J. Keeton

B.J. KEETON is a writer, teacher, and runner. When he isn't trying to think of a way to trick Fox into putting Firefly back on the air, he is either writing science fiction, watching an obscene amount of genre television, or looking for new ways to integrate fitness into his geektastic lifestyle. He is also the author of BIRTHRIGHT and co-author of NIMBUS. Both books are available for Amazon Kindle.


  1. I would say to play some Skyrim and keep up with the others for a little while to see where their content is going (I remember a few months ago you were ready to jump / jumped the WOW bandwagon)…. But I am partial to Skyrim… So yeah…

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