In Defense of Pop Culture

My wife and I recently gave a presentation at that served as an introduction to pop culture studies for students who may have never thought critically about the field.  As we brainstormed ideas, gathered sources, and picked TV clips that illustrate the best parts of our chosen field, we realized that our presentation had to… Continue reading In Defense of Pop Culture

Religion in Science Fiction

Very often science-fiction writers treat the ideas of religion and spirituality as being quaint at best and harmful at worst.  Characters who believe in a higher power are often ridiculed for their faith, for not supplicating themselves before science as being the be-all/end-all. There are exceptions to this tendency; however, positive religious SF stories are… Continue reading Religion in Science Fiction

Christopher Nolan’s “Inception”: This Decade’s Existential Benchmark

The moment Inception starts, the viewer has to think about what he or she is watching, to experience the plot in a way few movies ask us to. That engagement does not stop during the film, nor does it necessarily cease when the credits roll. For the first time in years, Inception presents theater-goers with… Continue reading Christopher Nolan’s “Inception”: This Decade’s Existential Benchmark