When Your Writing Sucks

The past few days have been terrible writing days. Not in terms of wordcount, though. In terms of pure output, I’ve chugged out 8-10k since Saturday. But a lot of what I’ve written is just downright bad. I’m working on two novels, Lineage (the sequel to the upcoming Birthright) and the as-yet-unnamed steampunk serial novel.… Continue reading When Your Writing Sucks

How My First Short Story Was Accepted For Publication

Well, it finally happened. I opened an email today and saw the news that one of my short stories had been accepted for publication. And after only 15 rejections! (That’s crazy talk!) I was absolutely ecstatic. Still am, actually. I’ve emailed the publication with my formatted manuscript and put the contract in the mail. Due… Continue reading How My First Short Story Was Accepted For Publication

High Concept vs. High Character

When you’re reading a story, watching a movie, or picking a new TV series to obsess over, which do you care about more–that the premise is new and interesting or that the characters are believable and interesting? I recently had a discussion with my wife about this because while watching Doctor Who with my dad, I had… Continue reading High Concept vs. High Character