[TVverdict] Fighting the Good Fight: Fox’s Dollhouse

My newest post over at TVverdict is a topic obviously near and dear to my heart: keeping Dollhouse on the air.  This week, I tackle why the show is worth watching even though you might’ve heard otherwise. Below is an excerpt from the post: Unlike Whedon’s other shows, it is set in a world not… Continue reading [TVverdict] Fighting the Good Fight: Fox’s Dollhouse

Elsewhere Posts

For those fine folks who just can’t get enough of the awesomeness that is Professor Beej, below are two articles that I posted elsewhere this week.  Enjoy! The always hospitible Matt Low gave me the chance to guest post at his blog World of Matticus again this week about my predeliction toward playing a healer/support character in MMOs.  (You can read my… Continue reading Elsewhere Posts