A Blast from Beej’s Past: A Six Year Old Essay Resurfaces

I was looking around the internet, surfing old sites with my friend a few minutes ago, and I found an article I wrote years and years ago (2003 to be exact) posted to the front news page of SWG Stratics. I was a writer/forum admin for Stratics then, and I was very much afraid to use my real name on the internet for any reason, so the article is written by “Damien Wyrmsbane.” That was the gaming handle I used for years, from Ultima Online all the way through my first World of Warcraft character.

I never thought I’d see this article again, but since I did, I figured I would share it. Sadly, it is still pertinent today’s MMO atmosphere. It deals with subscription fees and why we pay them.

It was a blast for the past for me, and I enjoyed reading something I wrote over six years ago. I hope you do, too.

“Why Pay for an MMORPG?” by Damien Wyrmsbane (aka Professor Beej)

By B.J. Keeton

B.J. KEETON is a writer, teacher, and runner. When he isn't trying to think of a way to trick Fox into putting Firefly back on the air, he is either writing science fiction, watching an obscene amount of genre television, or looking for new ways to integrate fitness into his geektastic lifestyle. He is also the author of BIRTHRIGHT and co-author of NIMBUS. Both books are available for Amazon Kindle.